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Do you need help with treating the water at your property? If yes, Aztec Water Solutions Inc. is here to help you. With vast knowledge and the latest equipment, we ensure to offer reliable water treatment products and services in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. We specialize in offering both products and services to our customers. On this page, you will find some blogs which contain information about various water treatment system and services. Please go through them and call us if you have any questions.

We work with a couple of consumer-financing companies such as Eco Homes Financial Inc. and Financeit®.

Do not pay for 3 months* on approved credit.

Eco Homes Financial Inc

Check Our Videos

Take a look at these videos to learn more about some of the commonly used water treatment methods and systems. It will help you learn more about how the entire purification and filtration process works.

Aztec Reverse Osmosis System

Chloronation System

Rusty Smelly Water

Have You Ever Wondered How Our RustBuster 5-in-1 Filter Works?

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