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DIY Water Treatment Kits in Regina

Aztec Water Solutions Inc. is proud to offer DIY kits for installation across western Canada. Our #1 priority is to ensure that our clients have clean, safe water. Did you know if your water is cloudy, leaves residue or has a foul smell that could mean harmful bacteria is in your water?

Interested to know more?

First, we send you a FREE water testing sample kit to your home or business via mail.

Once the water test is completed, we will advise you if this DIY solution is a great option for you! There is no obligation to buy!

The Rust Buster Plus 5-in-1 Water Filtration System can then be shipped right to your door. We will ensure you have everything you need for a successful installation. If you need help, an experienced, knowledgeable technician is available for troubleshooting as well as a guide free via phone.

Contact us today for a free water sample test and get started on understanding your water!

Common Water Symptoms

Hard Water

The water is considered to be hard when it contains high mineral content. If you notice spots on dishes, shower doors, or fixtures, your water is hard. This makes cleaning difficult and can be hard on your skin as well.

Chlorine and Chloramines

Chlorine is a common disinfectant used in swimming pools. If your water smells like a public swimming pool, it is a sign of excess chlorine. It is important to get it cleaned as it may lead to skin irritation and dry eyes.


If your water has high iron content, it might have a metallic taste or might look red in colour. If this is not fixed, it will cause stains and decolouration of your appliances and also clog your pipes and faucets.


Having excessive manganese is similar to having excessive iron content. It leads to discolouration and creates black stains on your appliances.

Hydrogen Sulfide

If your water smells like rotten eggs, there are chances that your water might contain sulphur. This is harmful as it leads to the corrosion of all the metals in your plumbing system.

Sediment and Cloudy Water

High amount of solids in your water may make it look foggy. This is common in well water and it will erode and wear down your pipes and faucets, hampering their lifespan.

Low pH

If you notice bluish-green stains in your water fixtures, it is a sign of low pH balance and overly acidic water. Your copper tanks and piping might get damaged due to this, as it will eat away all the metal, leaving corroded holes behind.


Arsenic water is difficult to detect, as it is both tasteless and odourless. It is very dangerous even at low levels and can cause major health problems. Well, water and water systems in industrial areas might tend to have this problem.


Though it rarely occurs naturally in raw water, lead content in water is very dangerous. This is mainly caused due to the corrosion of older pipes made from the material.


Nitrates are odourless and colourless contaminants that usually occur in rural communities with a high level of agricultural development. It can be a huge risk to both humans and animals.


Microbes are nothing but organic matter such as algae, mould, and other bacteria. You can detect the presence of microbes in your water when they taste earthy and produce a musty smell. Water in private well systems should be regularly tested to ensure it is free from microbes.


Though the contamination of water through pharmaceuticals is overlooked, it is very harmful to human lives. It is commonly found in most drinking water supplies. Water needs to be tested regularly to avoid health concerns.

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