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Discovery Channels Gold Rush

"Living and working in a Yukon mining camp presents a variety of challenges we are constantly trying to find solutions for. Previously we have used a well to fill tanks for non-potable water needs such as showers, toilets, laundry etc, however our potable water had to be hauled in from Dawson City which, when you are hauling a trailer, is a 2 hour trip each way or is a large expense if you are having water hauled in for you. This spring we reached out to the team at Aztec about designing and building a water filtration system that would allow us to supply the camp with safe clean water while also saving us a lot of time and energy. We provided Aztec with the number of people and our water demands and a trailer (an added challenge to Aztec - to build this in a trailer so this system could also be moved around should we move camp) and they built us a huge time saver that we love. The well water we have been using, and what now runs through the filter system, was high in iron and had levels of bacteria and other things that made it definitely unappealingly risky to drink, had a tendency to stain everything a general rust colour, and had some crew members experiencing rashes. Now our water is safe and clean, it tastes great and isn't as harsh on our living quarters or ourselves. We love the RO system they also built into our system for our drinking water however even the general chlorinated and filtered water is great to drink and it is so reassuring to know that we won't run out of safe water and need to scramble to make a 5 hour trip to get water or have to buy 6$ jugs of RO water in town ever again. Any issues we have had (and they have been tiny self-inflicted issues to be sure) Joris and the rest of the team have been so helpful in fixing. We have loved everything about working with Aztec, thank you to you all!"
-Discovery Channel Gold Rush - Little Flake Mine, Yukon

We Are Happy

"We had the system installed 3 years ago and absolutely love it. No more rust stains and it is great tasting too"
- Helen C., MB

Reliable Service

"We thought that we needed a new well ... but with the Rust-Buster 5-in-1 filter system there is no more rust or bad smell. Now we can drink a glass of water without saying yuck! Thanks Aztec."
- Don S.,AB

Prioritizes Customer Satisfaction

"For several years now, thanks to Aztec, we have been enjoying water that is a pleasure to drink and use for all our washing and cleaning tasks. It is also a pleasure to deal with a company that still shows a continued concern for our satisfaction."
- Fred K., SK

Pleased With the Results

"We have noticed a great improvement in our hog operation. We are now finishing our pigs 15-20 days earlier than before, and they seem healthier and happier as a result of drinking good, clean water. We are very pleased with the results."
- Gary H., MB

Quality Products Installed

"We couldn't have made a better decision than to try out an Aztec Water Purification System. Thanks for putting out a product that really does what you say it will."
- Fred W., BC

Highly Trained and Experienced

"The clothes and dishes etc. that have been ruined and the wasted money we have put out to local people, trying to fix our water, is finally over with ... The Aztec men really know what they're doing. Many thanks!"
- Terry M., AB

Highly Recommended

"This filter system has worked awesome. I no longer have to buy harsh chemicals to get the rust off my showers, toilets, and washing machine. I have recommended it to other acreage owners that I know."
- Sarah M., AB

Great Service

"The water is wonderful. We love to drink the water now and the coffee is just great. We feel our clean, pure Aztec water has improved our quality of life vastly."
- Delores C., SK

Fresh Water Everyday

"It is great to have iron-free water. What a saving on cleaners. Also, having clean tubs, sinks and toilets is great! What a time-saver on cleaning."
- Agnes K.,SK

Our Problems Have Been Addressed

"Upon installation of your system, our water cleared up and the foul taste and odour were gone immediately. Our problems have been eliminated 100%."
- Betty O., MB

Happy With the Service

"It's a real pleasure to be able to wash clothes at home and we are so happy to be able to drink the water ... and not see rust stains in the tub and toilet anymore."
- Shirley G., SK

Very Thankful

"It's wonderful to see sparkling glasses and cutlery for the first time since moving here. No more washing by hand or using vinegar! Thanks Aztec."
- Irene C., SK

Healthy and Clean Life

"My Aztec System is like having a maid to take care of the ugly cleaning tasks I used to do needlessly. My husband even claims he feels a surge of health since installing the water purifier."
- George B., AB

Wonderful Team

"We are completely happy with our Aztec water system ... It's so wonderful to have water that doesn't stain everything, stink and go cloudy. We are amazed with the results!"
- Brenda W., SK

Read What Some of Our Customers Are Saying

Aztec Water Solutions Inc. has been the trusted choice for water treatment products and services for over 40 years. Our team has always aimed to attain complete customer satisfaction by getting the job done right the first time. From helping you test the pH and chlorine levels to offering products to perform reverse osmosis and filtration, we have you covered. We offer our products and services to customers in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. On this page, you can find some of the reviews we have from our customers. Please go through them and call us if you have any queries.

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Take a look at these videos to learn more about some of the commonly used water treatment methods and systems. It will help you learn more about how the entire purification and filtration process works.

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