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Liquid Chlorination System


Benefits of the Liquids Chlorination System

  • Disinfects

  • Eliminates bacteria and viruses

  • Filters out iron and manganese

  • Eliminates the growth of the biofouling mall ochre

  • Prevents water recontamination

  • Treats and protects the entire water system continuously

  • Uses liquid chlorine

  • Eliminates hydrogen sulfide, algae, slime, and nuisance bacteria

  • Fully adjustable


System Includes

  • 120-gallon retention tank

  • Stenner pump

  • 10" multi-media filter

  • Test taps

  • Chlorine test strips

  • 5-gallon pail of hypochloride


Please call 1-800-667-0707 or message us for more details.


As used by The Discovery Channels Gold Rush. See our testimonial page for the full testimonial.

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